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Project Name Origins:

Usability is often refered as a dark art, something intengible, that cannot be grasp easily; therefore,
the appelation of "nigritude" which stands for dark blackness in the magical sense.

One of the common word for "desktop" is the reference to the "blue screen of death",
also known as BSOD by *nix people. Therefore, the appelation of "ultramarine" or "blue".

When someone refers to nigritude ultramarine, it simply means the dark art of being blue as in a blue desktop.
Therefore, we can see the correlation between nigritude and ultramarine as in the junction between Windows Blue theme, Usability and the Dark art of getting there.

Some people refered "nigritude ultramarine" as non sense, see:   About Nigritude Ultramarine
Nigritude Ultramarine:

Nigritude Ultramarine is really non-sense because the definition of nigritude is Blackness; the state of being black. Ultramarine is either a blue or a purplish blue made of either power of lapis lazuli or made synthetically by heating clay, sodium carbonate, and sulfur together. Since by saying nigritude ultramarine we are really saying blackness and blue we would be talking about a navy blue or something similar and there fore the two words put together are not very useful or meaningful.